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What is Qlenz?

How would you spend an extra hour each week? Because thats exactly what we give you. Qlenz offers you two things. The convenience of having your car washed as you work, and a memorable wash using our unique waterless formula that outshines anything you have ever seen before. We specialize in speed and quality. Join the waterless revolution.

Time is the most valuable asset we have. If you have a full time job, you probably don’t have time to stop at the car wash before or after work, so you save it for your precious weekends. Those days are over. Qlenz is a mobile car wash and detailer that will routinely spend the day at your workplace. Stop wasting valuable time at the car wash.






Standard Car 25 / Large Car 30

  • Hand wash using Envibrant Wash & Wax
  • Interior wipe down
  • Vacuum interior
  • All windows
  • Tire Glow


Standard Car 50 / Large Car 60

Qlean package plus:

  • Invisible Gloss interior

  • Interior Charm

  • Pure Steam interior

  • Shampoo floor mats


Standard Car 100 / Large Car 120

Qleaner package plus:

  • Rich Wet Wax entire car

  • Pure Steam entire car

  • Total polish wheels and metal trim

  • Pet hair removal


Terms explained

Envibrant Wash & Wax

The standard car wash uses on average of 45 gallons of water per car. Qlenz saves thousands of gallons of water each year with this revolutionary new product. Our waterless Envibrant Wash & Wax formula activates as soon as it comes into contact with a surface by going underneath the dirt and lifting it up, allowing it to be wiped away without scratching the paint. 

The bottom layer consists of carnauba wax, which is hypoallergenic and non toxic. Carnauba wax can even be found in some food items such as candy. Wax is the only line of defense against scratches. A healthy layer of wax will help protect against dirt, salt, UV lights, exhaust, bird droppings, and more. Remember seeing cars with “hazy” paint? That’s usually due to a lack of waxing the paint. Thanks to our wax infused formula, your car will look and shine like the first day you bought it, if not better!

Tire Glow

You’ll need sunglasses to look directly at your tires after they are treated with our Tire Glow formula. Not just on the day of the wash, but for weeks to come. Our unique formula creates a super wet appearance on all tires that lasts longer than anything on the market. You haven’t seen a real high gloss shine on your tires until now!

Invisible Gloss

Removing grease, grime, dirt, and stains, usually requires harsh chemicals that leave us woozy. Not anymore. This clear, colorless, odorless compound is an all-purpose cleaner that does not leave behind any chemical residue. Whether it is being used to power through the grease and grime built up on your cars wheels, or to gently remove stains from your cars filthy carpet, you’re not going to notice any sign of this products presence except for the incredible shine it leaves behind.

Pure Steam

Our secret weapon. Steam cleaning is by far the most powerful and efficient way to combat any and all harmful particles that are hiding inside of your car. Have you ever thought about how much dust has been collected inside the AC vents of your car? Or in the cracks on the dashboard? And guess what, they multiply!

You no longer have to worry. Pure Steam can reach locations that are absolutely impossible to reach with a towel or any other cleaning method. When the vapor steam penetrates surfaces, it destroys mold spores, germs, viruses, dust mites, and bacteria. Perhaps the best advantage of all; our hot steam vapor is a natural sanitizing and deodorizing agent that uses zero chemicals and leaves behind no odor. Its simply condensed water vapor. 

Pure Steam is HIGHLY recommended for any car that has never been steam cleaned.

Rich Wet Wax

Why do you need another layer of wax if your car was already cleaned with our Envibrant Wash & Wax formula you ask? One word. Sun.

The sun is considered the single most harmful enemy of any vehicles paint, causing fading, cracking, hazing, and clear coat failure. Qlenz introduces this powerful 100% carnauba based wax to add an extra thick layer of butter-like vibrance to your cars paint job, and its purpose is to protect against UVA and UVB. Think of this as sun screen for your car. Visually, your car will sustain that sexy wet look for weeks if properly maintained. Rich Wet Wax is formulated to deliver an unmatched surface shine and deep wet look.

Interior Charm

Our leather treatment is unlike any other! For two reasons; First is the addition of Propolis. Propolis is an anti-bacterial resin that honeybees collect to waterproof and disinfect their hives. This amazing all natural substance repels water and reinforces the surface of your leather against drying, cracking, and hardening that occurs to leather over time. 

The second reason our formula is superior to anything else is the focus we put into restoring the shine of leather and literally reaching inside the seats to bring out the scent of the untouched leather inside. If you’re after that beautiful new leather scent, we have it, in a bottle.





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